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Friday, June 4, 2010

Japanese Pink Saddle Feather Swarovski Crystal Sterling Earring

Japanese pink - a flowering variety of China pink distinguished by jagged-edged petals deeply toothed rose-lilac flowers with a purplish eye; usually raised as an annual.

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Hot Pink, Deep Violet Saddle Feathers, Pink, Amethyst, Deep Purple Swarovski Crystal Bicone 4 & 6mm. hand wrapped clustered on a silver plated chain with Swarovski Black Diamonds. Sterling Findings & ear wire.

Total Length: 6 1/2 in. at longest point.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Phoenix Design Artisan Jewelry by Kim Coleman: Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

Phoenix Design Artisan Jewelry by Kim Coleman: Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

Caring for Your Gold Jewelry

Gold Filled vs. Gold Plated 

Gold Filled: For those who have sensitive skin, 14K gold filled jewelry is an enduring, cost effective way to keep a solid layer of gold in contact with your skin. It has 1/20th the weight layer of 14 karat gold. The gold is permanently bonded over a core of base metal.  It is created by heat and pressure bonding a thin layer of gold to a brass core. Under normal everyday usage and with proper care that you would give any precious jewelry, 14 karat gold fill will not peel, strip or deteriorate. It is tarnish free.   

Gold Plated jewelry is made by laminating a thin veneer layer of gold over any base metal using electro-chemical processes.  Gold plated jewelry has 10 karats or greater in quantity.  Not all gold plated jewelry is the same. The quality of gold plated jewelry is determined by the amount of gold applied to the base metal. Not only will it increase durability but provide higher quality.  Gold plated jewelry has a thinner layer of gold than 14 Karat gold filled jewelry. 
The major disadvantage of gold plated jewelry is its tendency to lose its gold color and lust.  The reason given is most gold plated jewelry is veneered over silver.  In due course, gold will gradually lose its concentration and eventually recede into the silver base metal.   Better quality gold plated will have a tendency to last longer when copper is used as a substitution over silver; although copper will still reactive to gold, it does it at a lesser degree.  The highest quality of gold plated jewelry is when nickel is added as an additional barrier between the gold and silver/copper. Nickel will not pass through gold.

  General Care:     
  1.     Don't use mainstream cleaners. They are very harsh and can harm the finish on plated jewelry.   Instead, we recommend cleaning plated jewelry with warm soapy water with a soft brush for hard to reach areas. Don’t forget to dry it immediately with a lint-free cloth. 

  2.     Store your jewelry in either the same jewelry box that came with your piece or in a zip-lock bag. It should be noted that even solid gold and sterling silver jewelry can tarnish with exposure to the air.  If you want to prevent this from occurring, we suggest you regularly wipe each piece down with a lint-free cloth. Also, don’t forget to store your pieces in a proper zip lock bag.  

   3.     I also do not recommend using ultrasonic cleaners. Although these cleaners will remove dirt from hard to reach areas, they may also disturb the hand wrapped settings.  Avoid those machines whenever possible and try to clean your fashion jewelry by hand. 

I recommend you use polishing cloths such as Selvyt 100% cotton clothes for use on Swarovski crystals and gemstones and or Moonshine polishing cloth for use with gold, silver, platinum, copper or brass.  Neither is abrasive and it will remove tarnish without a lot of effort.  Both clothes are available for a nominal fee and kept in stock at my Atlanta studio. 

If you follow these guidelines, I am certain you will have years of enjoyment.  It is my hope you enjoy your unique One of a Kind hand crafted jewelry design as much as I did creating it. 

Thank you!

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Here is a sneak peek...


Phoenix Design Artisan Jewelry by Kim Coleman: Bound Rose Quartz Wand Trio on Gunmetal Bib Necklace

Phoenix Design Artisan Jewelry by Kim Coleman: Bound Rose Quartz Wand Trio on Gunmetal Bib Necklace

Bound Rose Quartz Wand Trio on Gunmetal Bib Necklace

A trio of pale pink rose quartz rods have been hand wrapped with gunmetal wire and attached to delicate gunmetal cross link chain; finished with a lobster clasp and a hematite, Swarovski crystal charmed extender chain.

Total length: 16 – 17 1/2in. w/ 1 – 1/2in. drop.

...a delicate yet primitive necklace like a perfect wild rose growing in the rough.

ROCK ON! by Phoenix Design Jewelry