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Phoenix Design, Artisan Jewelry is a one woman shop powered by zany energy, midnight inspirations and the support of my friends.

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Etsy Shop Preview

Fringe Jewelry Series Spring 2010

Fringe Collar Prototype created from deconstructed silver plated components from my jewelry box stung on dual   strands of silver wire, covered in liquid sterling silver tubes and interspersed with Swarovski black diamond crystals. SOLD

Pictured above after the complimentary custom fitting on owner. 

 Newest custom creation for J...not quite finished yet

The choker features a Swarovski Steel Spike Pendant embedded with crystals as the focal point. Silver Bars and looping Silver Chain with Hematite accents form a fringe on either side; interspersed with black diamond Swarovski Crystal and Sterling tubes create an elegant edgy bibbed statement as shown for the “hot” looks for spring 2010.


Dual Strands of 925 Sterling Silver Wire have been strung with tiny iridescent Japanese Seed Bead cubes creating a fantastic indigo, violet serpent scale like shimmer. I used a man-made hematite stone (known for its protective properties) and two shapes of silver plated bars to create the tribal influenced focal point in this design. I would pair it with a long flowing maxi dress for an evening look for Spring/Summer 2010.

A striking sculptured multi-faceted tear surrounded by a fringe of various silver chain mounted on a bar of 925 Sterling Silver hangs approx. 18in on a delicate Sterling chain.

Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal Chain Earring

Coordinating Earrings feature a 6mm Swarovski Crystal Roundel with a trio of silver chain trailing below. Sterling ear wire

Silver Fringe Paddle Earring 
Multiple finely crafted sterling paddles individually attached to a silver chain forming a mane of sparkling silver topped by a Black Diamond Swarovski Bicone. Sterling ear wire.

Silver Caged Rod Swarovski Black Diamond Dangle Earring

Silver Chains run vertically on either side of a thin 2in Silver Rod; a black diamond Swarovski Crystal punctuates this modern minimalist earring. Sterling Silver lever back ear wire connect to the ear.

Multiple gold and brass chains in various textures and lengths spill from a thin solid brass oval. Lots of texture and movement!
Solid brass ear wire. SOLD

Palomino Golden Opal Earring
Natural Opal Quartz topped with an amber seed bead hangs merrily from a 14k gold ear wire, while a trio of assorted textured 14k gold chain dances underneath.
 Available exclusively at the Rob Davis Hair Studio, Atlanta Ga. 30308

This design started with a vintage wired collar in soft gold and silver tones. I attached multiple delicate gold & solid antiqued brass chain which form delicate loops...
The left side features an up-cycled brass buckle & a small brass skull charm on one of the shorter segments of chain. The right side features a matching skull and an up-cycled gold cross which hang among the shorter loops of chain.

This looks wonderful against bare summer skin!

Tribal Willow Charm, Rich Coffee Quartz, Amber Sparkle Dual Strand Necklace

Dual strands of delicate oxidized solid Brass chain. The first strand is 18in. and hangs asymmetrically with one etched willow frond charm & hand wrapped tear drop of natural coffee quartz accented with a sparkling amber Japanese seed bead.

The second strand hangs 22in. and is connected to the first strand by two playful dragon fly connectors which are secured by an etched oxidized brass ring. Scattered along the way I have attached etched willow frond charms & hand wrapped coffee quartz tear drops accented with glowing amber Japanese seed beads. 

Turquoise, Thumbelina Chain Fringed Necklace in Antiqued Brass

New! Glam Punk Rhinestone Silver Spiked Bib Chain Necklace

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