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Friday, July 30, 2010

Cyberpunk trend: from Fritz Lang to latex > Women's Fashion Trends > Blog

 I have always had a strange attraction to the seductiveness of dark side, Gothic inspired fashion, music and  books. I live a reverse schedule designing at night and going to bed at daybreak. Unfortunately,  my fantasy of becoming a vampire before 25 did not happen;) lol, so i guess i will just have to embrace the Gothic inspired trends seen on international catwalks for Fall 2010. 

I just recently found "fashionising.com" and am now addicted so this is my daily fix. Enjoy;)

Cyberpunk trend: from Fritz Lang to latex > Women's Fashion Trends > Blog

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Men's Brooches...emerging trend in mensware for Fall/Winter 2010

I have been researching mensware clothing/accessory trends in preparation of a new line launch "Body Armor" which will include unisex jewelry designs as well as a mens accessories in my upcoming Fall/Winter 2010 Phoenix Design Jewelry collection.

The following is an interesting blog I felt worth sharing from Fashionising: 

Men's brooches

By now you should see the overall trend for menswear in Autumn / Fall 2010 emerging: refinement. And what way to embellish that refinement than with the right detailing, specifically men's brooches. What's best is just how versatile a men's brooch can be as an accessory: wearable on everything from suits to jackets, the range of styles available means you can make them work with any look be it something dandy or something dark. Read more on men's brooches, including a number of street style updates.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Body Armor by Phoenix Design Artisan Jewelry

ROCK ON! by Phoenix Design Jewelry