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Necklace Restoration for J

I have always enjoyed working with clients on custom design requests. Creating, updating or restoring jewelry, the process of bringing a cherished treasure back to life and experiencing the joy through another s eyes is something very special.

Please join me, as I work on my newest project: restoring a one of a kind necklace for Jeanne which was given to her by her husband and a favorite part of her collection.

Page titled: Necklace Restoration for J

Thank you for your support;)

This project has been a growing experience and thanks to Billy at Maillice In Wireland it has been a pleasurable one.

My first step in the restoration process was to clean, measure and diagram J's original necklace as pictured in the slide show above. 

The second step was to find and acquire several samples of similar chain to replace the worn silver plated chain in which the original base metal was coming to the surface creating a tarnished uneven finish. This was easier said than done. After studying the original chain, it was obvious that this was a handcrafted chain and very unique. The chain was formed with two types of links; a sort of flattened circle and a round wire circle both the same circumference and in a heavy gauge wire.   

I began by shopping other sellers on both Etsy and Art Fire, sending them close up pictures of the original chain along with the measurements and listings from their shops which I felt might be similar to request samples. My goal was to match the original chain as closely as possible using the highest quality product to avoid "J" having to go through this process again in another couple of years.

Thankfully, I happened across a Chainmaille Bracelet featured on Etsy in Maillice In Wireland. This is how I met Billy (or at least via email). Billy was great and a font of information on types of wire and how the original artisan created those two unique link in a heavy gauge wire. I personally loved this idea as I have been interested in Chainmaille for sometime.

The third step, after receiving samples from various vendors (some of which have become a regular go to for re-orders) and the free samples Billy sent me I met with "J" to go over options and prices. Using the original necklace I created several "mock up's" using the various samples to provide realistic sample of what the finished product might look like, as well as what each would cost.  To my delight, "J" chose to have me handcraft new chain using the two types of wire Billy recommended. 

The rest was the fun and easy part  - aside from a couple new calluses and noticeable increased strength in my hands ;) Now, I am done with this project and ready to reunite "J" with her favorite "new" necklace.  

Thank you all for following! Hopefully, "J" will comment on this link so you can be part of her reaction too! PS. She has seen progress along the way so I am fairly confident as to her reaction ;)

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