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Monday, February 1, 2010

Smiling - busy, exhausting but rewarding weekend.

Since deciding to quite my day job and go for it as a jewelry designer I have been struggling with the decision to create my own website vs. just having an "on line" shop on Etsy. I found an article on Etsy's blog that addressed the subject of how to create a website which was geared for a small business and did not require a designer such as myself to pull their "hair out" trying to become a computer programmer by using "Soop See" as a host.

Well, I bit the bullet and started setting up my website on Thursday evening. Soop See works by cloning your existing Etsy shop listings and then lets you format your website around them. I am happy to say it was not too complicated and user friendly! I chose to purchase my own domain name "www.kimphoenixdesign.com" which was available and cost approx. $15.00 per year. The upgrade to beta was an additional $4.99 per month but allows more creative formatting options, still not too complicated.  With only one email to Soop See Support regarding the "upload" to publish, which was answered promptly I was good to go by Saturday evening!

I am so happy with the result and would highly recommend this option to others who are running their own business and need to hit the "easy button" so they can put spend more time designing vs. trying to become a computer tech.

My website also imports and back links my blogs posted on blogger and automatically updates as I change and add to my Etsy Shop (www.kim31cole.etsy.com (Phoenix Design, Artisan Jewelry). I love how everything I have been working on is now all tied together and user friendly for customers to find you and purchase with a click of the mouse.

As a reward I am going treated myself to one of my "favorite's" Etsy and take a day off to see my special guy, who bless his heart has been supportive and patient with my crazy schedule and canceled dates.

Visit me Official website: www.kimphoenixdesign.com 

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