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Monday, April 12, 2010

Thumbelina Chain Fringed Pendant, Turquoise & Vintage Swarovski Crystal Necklace

When the story opens, a tiny girl emerges from a flower. She is named Thumbelina and is carried off by a toad. She escapes the toad and drifts on a lily pad until becoming the captive of a beetle. Eventually, she is given shelter by a field mouse who suggests she marry her neighbor, a mole. Thumbelina finds the prospect of being married to a mole unattractive and escapes the situation by fleeing to a far land with a swallow she nursed back to health during a severe winter. In a field of flowers, Thumbelina meets a fairy prince just her size and they wed. Thumbelina receives a pair of wings to accompany her husband on his travels from flower to flower. - Hans Christian Andersen

All designs handcrafted and One-Of-A-Kind!
Soon to be available in my Etsy Shop & Artfire Studio
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