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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Punk Trend for 2011

Trends begin, they evolve, and then they fade or simply become a standard. As a child of the 80’s I am drawn to the Punk trend. Many of the common elements of punk have already had plenty of exposure over recent seasons as a part of other trends: steam punk, future warrior, motorcycle chic, military / combat, bondage / fetish, ripped stockings, and tattoos. Punk over the years has incorporated many subcultures and sub-styles. Regardless of these, the core is always a sense of rebellion and controversy; something meant to shock. In today's fast world, shock is something that is much harder to do. Wear punk in the same way that Sid Vicious did and you risk looking like you're playing dress ups as opposed to being something of a rebel.

safety pin necklace il_570xN_179152071 Safety Pin Necklace.2 il_570xN_200281144
Today’s interpretation of Punk doesn't mean you need to wear safety pins as a nose piercing as it did in my high school days. Instead look at the elements of this trend for example safety pins and/or kilt pins as an accessory that can work in dozens of different ways. Think jewelry using pins in unexpected ways, eclectic brooches and other bits of makeshift jewelry, or to haphazardly pin scarves, cardigans or other bits of clothing.
Pinned Moss Agate.b
Gold Chain Mail Breast Plate IIBody Armor Cuff.3DSC03097
Timeless Elements of Punk that work today: Studs, Pins (safety, kilt), Leather, Strong Boots, Cuffs and Harnesses draped under or over clothes. The 2011 Punk fashion trend should be less about an overall theme and more about mixing punk elements with other seasonal trends; for example, something ultra-feminine with a punk-rock edge.
Moon Stone Chainmaille.3Gold Mesh Harness IIIDSC02657 (2)DSC03211
*Please note that the second row of pictures are from fellow Etsy and/or Art Fire artisans; click on pictures for link to their shops (the last two pictures in the row I was unfortunately unable to link). The third and forth row of pictures are my designs, click on picture for details. The first row of pictures are images found in various fashion blogs or web stock photo’s. Smile

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